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Lix Oral Tongue Vibrator

£25.99 A mini vibrator exclusively for those with tongue piercings. Made of surgical stainless steal 14 gua..

Penis Slippers

£12.99 Warm and comfy penis slippers. Fits feet up to shoe size 40 (uk 7)..

Pink Boob Slippers

£11.99 Pink coloured slippers made of fur fabric for HIM with boobs on top. Standard size 42-45. 100% polye..

Pink Gloss Bondage Tape

£6.99 Have lots of fun with our bondage tape. Our Bondage Tape is the most exciting product for the fetish..

Pink Penis Slippers

£12.99 Bright Pink slippers with penis's on the front. Fit's shoe size Euro 37 - 40, UK 4- 7...

Pink Titty Soap

£12.99 Getting your tits out has never been so appreciated. This firm breast is ready to be wet, lathered u..

Pussy Soap

£13.99 You'll be wetter than ever with this detailed, vagina novelty soap. Get dirty and clean at the same ..

Rude Shaped Egg Fryer

£3.99 Our rude shaped egg fryer is perfect for all kinds of kinky cuisine! Just right for that valentine's..

Sex Coupons

£7.99 20 romantic SEX! Coupons to give to your lover whenever you're feeling generous.and in the mood for ..