Five ways for men to enhance their orgasm

Five ways for men to enhance their orgasm

Five ways for men to enhance their orgasm

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When it comes to men, it seems pretty easy to climax. Still, who wouldn’t want to enhance their orgasms and feel a more intense climax?

In this article we will be exploring 5 ways for men to enhance their orgasms (don’t worry ladies we got you too, check out 5 ways to enhance the female orgasm on our blog page).

When it comes to sex it seems a lot of men are focused on ‘bussing that nut’ for lack of a better term lol! BUT, there are ways you can have better pleasure during sex while heightening your chances of having a better orgasm.

Lets jump right in and get started:

  1. Take it to the edge: Delayed orgasms can be hard to master, but when it comes to the big finale, its well worth it. A study in “the journey of sex research” advocated for “edging” for a more intense climax. If people pause when they are around 90% of the way to climax, then resume, their eventual orgasm will be more powerful. Bring yourself to the “edge” of your orgasm, slow down, pause and then start back up again. Do this a few times before letting go and be ready to have your mind blown!

  2. Heat it up: Scientists at the university of Groningen stumbled across a curious fact: men with cold feet had a much harder time reaching orgasm than those wearing socks. The more comfortable we are, the more relaxed we are and relaxation means better orgasms. If you don’t like wearing socks, turn the heating up, get comfortable and get to it.

  3. Love the space between: There is a strip of skin located between the testicles and the anus which is a highly responsive erogenous zone that responds well to sexual stimulation. The area is packed with nerve endings making it a great area to pay special attention too. Applying pressure to this area can aid in multiple orgasms or a mind-blowing eruption.

  4. Put a ring on it: Penis rings are a great toy to bring to the bedroom, they restrict blood flow leading to increased sensitivity for the wearer. They can also delay ejaculation, this build up can cause a more intense orgasm for him while also giving his partner more time to reach climax. You can shop a wide range of cock-rings in our toybox section.

  5. Nipple play: Nipples are full of nerve endings. They’re also connected to the brain’s genital sensory cortex, so practically anyone can get pleasure from their nipples. Nipple orgasms are said to sneak up on you and then send pleasure shooting through your whole body. If a partner is involved, have them lick, suck, caress, flick, and love on them.

Have you tried any of these? If not, what are you waiting for? I’m sure we would all like more intense orgasms. Why not add these tips to your bedplay session and see what works for you? Communicate with your partners and let them know what you would like to try.

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