Five Love Languages

Five Love Languages

Five Love Languages

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In 1992, an author named Gary Chapman wrote a book about The Five Love Languages and opened our eyes for the better. The book outlines five ways that romantic partners express and experience love which are the 5 love languages. They are as follows:

  1. Words of affirmation – This love language expresses love with words that build you up. Verbal compliments don’t have to be complicate; the short and sweet ones can have you all in your feels if this is your love language. Communicate with your partners to let them know you respond better to sweet talk.

  2. Acts of service – This may be your love language if your motto is ‘actions speak louder than words’ This language expresses itself by doing things such as cooking a meal, putting the game on, booking a date or setting up a mani-pedi appointment. These are all acts of service. They require thought, time and effort and should be done with positivity as well as your partners happiness in mind to be considered an act of love.

  3. Receiving Gifts – This language is not necessarily materialistic, it just means that a meaningful or thoughtful gift makes you or your partner feel loved or thought of. Something as simple as picking up your favourite snack or a bunch of flowers can make a huge impact.

  4. Quality Time - This love language is all about undivided attention, if this is you or your partners love language it is not enough to just be present, you/they need to be center of attention sometimes to really feel loved, appreciated and wanted.

  5. Physical Touch – To people with this love language, nothing is more impactful than physical touch from a partner. This doesn’t mean you are into over the top PDA but you feel more safe in your relationship by holding hands, kissing, hugging and want to feel close to you more than just emotionally but physically too.

We all show and receive love in different ways, it is important when in a relationship to understand that you and your partners needs may not be the same and that you both must tailor the way you give love in order to make your partner feel loved and valued.

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